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Creative Writing

I write fiction and poetry.

In most of my fiction, I explore social issues, typically related to disability. I enjoy taking common metaphors (e.g. robots or aliens and autism) and mixing them in new ways. For example, in Where None Have Thought to Go, I have an autistic character, a cyborg, and a race of alien robots- all of whom are different characters, and whose experiences and concerns diverge.

My current (long-term) fiction project involves an Autistic protagonist who is aware of being a protagonist, but not of what the plot will be. Navigating a combination of real-world and fiction rules for both protagonists and for people/characters with disabilities raises many interesting questions, some of which she explores explicitly.

My poetry, some of which can be found on my personal blog, explores a variety of themes, including neurodivergence and daily life. Poetry is often a more accessible way for me to express my emotions, and as such, I use it to reflect upon whatever is on my mind at the moment. A collection of my “just for fun” poetry is currently available on Amazon.

I also write fanfiction, which can be found on Archive of Our Own, under the user name Baozhale.



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