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I have some experience running and organizing blog carnivals and flash blogs, as well as editing on collaborative blogs. I have helped with the Autistics Speaking Day (ASDay) flash blog starting in 2012, focused on the Tumblr blog and began working with the Autism Positivity Flash Blog in 2013, again mostly working with the Tumblr page. I used to be partially responsible for content on the Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s Tumblr and wrote for their newsletter in the prior to that. I also ran the Autistic People Should and Autistic People Are flash blogs in 2013 as part of a successful wider move to ensure that Google’s auto-suggest/auto-complete search feature would not suggest searches of hate speech such as “Autistic people should be killed.”

In addition, I am one of several contributors and editors for the collaborative blog, We Are Like Your Child, reluctantly masterminded by Kassiane of Radical Neurodivergence Speaking.

I have been known  to contribute the occasional blog post elsewhere, including for Disability in Kidlit. While I don’t become a regular contributor at projects I do not wholeheartedly support, I am often willing to write a post or a few posts for sites with mixed content and a broader reach. Along those lines, I have two posts on Squag, as well as four posts for Autism NOW that can be reached through my Academia.edu’s “Online Publications” section. (Autism NOW does not seem to have the option to filter posts by author.)

I’ve had a personal blogspot blog, Yes, That Too, for a few years now. My writing there tends to be related to autism, though any topic is fair game. Any random thoughts I’m having can and do show up there. Yes, That Too on Tumblr is also mine, though rarely updated. As a 2015-2016 HASTAC scholar, I have a blog on their site as well.


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