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I have degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, and Mandarin Chinese. I have experience as an effectively independent scholar in Disability Studies, and will be joining the Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program at the University of Rhode Island in Fall 2016.

My aim is to find ways of connecting the disciplines I have expertise in.

I have written chapters for several collections, some of which are in print such as Criptiques and a collection about the works of Tamora Pierce, and some of which are currently in press. Most are freely available on my publications page, along with other assorted publications. Links to online pieces for sites I do not edit can be found here as well.

I have also given presentations, including at the Society for Disability Studies annual meeting and the Computers and Writing conference. Recordings, transcripts, slides, or related publications are available for some, and I will continue to add more to my presentations page.

Finally, I hold that scholarship is just as real whether or not it is taking place within academia. As such, I do consider some of my blogging work to be part of my scholarship!


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